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Making the Most of Your Medicare + Medi-Cal

Medicare and Medi-Cal can be confusing. It can be hard to know which program covers which services.

Luckily, there are care choices in California to help you navigate these programs and get the care and services you need.

  • Some choices COMBINE your Medicare and Medi-Cal into one health planA group of doctors, specialists, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, and long-term care providers that work together to meet your needs. Health plans are also called managed care plans.
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    . Instead of two programs, you have just one card to carry and one phone number to call for help. Plus, you usually have a helper whose job is to get you the care you need.
  • Some choices are health plans or groups of health care providers who work together to make it easier for you to get your Medicare services. They work with your doctors, hospitals, and other providersA person or organization that provides health care-related services, like a doctor, hospital, or clinic.
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    to make sure that you are getting high-quality care. Sometimes these care choices can also help you with Medi-Cal benefits.

All the care choices described on MyCareMyChoice.org can help you spend less time worrying about your care and more time living your life. Depending on your needs and the care choice you pick, the following are examples of the help you can get to make the most of your Medicare and Medi-Cal:

  • doctor

    Help setting up doctor visits.

  • Transportation

    Help setting up transportationMedicare covers emergency ambulance services. Medi-Cal provides transportation to non-emergency, medically-necessary services, like doctor visits or to pick up a prescription.
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    to medical visits, or to pick up your prescriptions.

  • extra-help

    Extra help so you can live independently at home, like help with bathing, dressing, and meals.

  • notepad

    Help making sure your doctors know about all the care and services you are getting so you don’t have to repeat lab tests or other procedures.

  • neighborhood

    Help moving out of a nursing facility, hospital, and other settings and back into your home and community.

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